Booth Session

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Booth Session

You are one step closer to unleashing your inner-creativity! Choose from the dates below and book your Booth Session at The Pottery Box.

Each booth holds up to 6 people and we have 3 available any given day. Please see below for full details.

PLEASE NOTE: Pottery for painting is purchased at the time of your session, prices start from £4.99+ per item.

All Squares that are already blocked out will be for special themed day events, CLICK HERE to see a list.


Booth Session

Each Booth holds up to 6 people max and everyone in your booking must be seated (Children MUST be accompanied by an adult), Each Booth has a time slot of 1hr 45mins to ensure they can be cleaned thoroughly between each booking, allocated time slots are non-negotiable as they are timed to accommodate non-school age and school-age children alike, please arrive on time (no earlier than 5 mins) for your slot as failure to arrive on time will result in your painting session to be cut short and limited, if you require more than 1 booth you will need to add multiple booths to your booking to reflect the number of people in your group.

The Booth fee of £10 (per booth) is non-refundable up to and including 7 days prior to booking, the fee covers a seat for everyone in your group (whether painting or not each person needs a seat), paints, equipment, PPE and staff expertise.

Pottery for painting is purchased at the time of your session, prices start from £4.99+ per item, once your session is finished your pottery will be glazed and ready to collect after 7- 10 days (pottery must be collected within 14 days as there is limited storage facility at the premises).

Please check your junk/spam email box for confirmation or correspondence emails.

Browse our range of Bisques below and prepare for your visit.

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