Nursery & School Events

Why not bring your class to this lovely location discover their imagination. Be it for a general class outing, seasonal treat or for those leavers moving onto pastures new. We have the ideal setting for all to create a unique and fun memento. 


Alternatively, why not have one of our trained professionals come to you and have the unique experience in the comfort of your own establishment, where the children will feel relaxed. 


Simply contact us in advance with your requirements and we will provide all that is needed to make this a fun and memorable experience. 


Allow the children to create a decoration or gift from our range of pottery (which will also alter on which season it is) and also incorporate a class piece (on a larger item) in which all children can place their finger print or artwork. A great gift for the parents or Grandparents! 


If you cannot make it into us, we can always arrange to send gift packs out to your establishment in which you can complete and then send back to ourselves and we can glaze ready for collection. 

Pottery once returned to the studio will be ready to collect after 7 – 10 days and must be collected before 28 days as we have limited storage space.

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